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    Have you ever consider the geographical location of Nain (or Nein) where Yeshua resurrected the widow’s son, and the village of Shunem (where Elisha resurrected the son of the Shunammite women)?
    Both village are separated by a hill and are barely at 3 KM from each other. It is a strong argument to associate both events (stage of death: body is cold). It is fascinating to think that Elisha went to one side of the hill while Yeshua went to the other side and both performed a resurrection.

    • Darek Barefoot says:

      Hello Yves,

      Thank you for the information. I did not know the two villages were that close. In any case, the phrase “he gave him back to his mother” is found in both the Nain story and the resurrection of the son of the widow of Zaraphath by Elijah, which is the precursor to the resurrection performed by Elisha (1 Kgs 17:23; Luke 7:15). In any case, this is part of the filtering of Luke versus Matthew. Matthew is Judah-centric, and much of Matthew’s special material has allusions to or contacts with the history of Judah (southern kingdom) and the dynasty of David. The special material in Luke, such as the Nain story, more often than not has allusions to or contacts with the history of the house of Joseph (northern kingdom). The Elijah-Elisha cycle is, of course, part of northern kingdom history. For a small example, compare Matt 13:57 with Luke 4:24-27, and note what Luke includes that Matthew lacks.

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